Disability Horizons magazine is the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing disability lifestyle publication. Since 2011, Disability Horizons has published content on a wide variety of topics, all to support the aim of a world where disabled people live exactly as they choose to. Today, Disability Horizons has a rapidly growing monthly web audience of 35,000 people.

All content is sourced directly from its reader community, making Disability Horizons a lifestyle publication about disabled people, for disabled people. Articles span topics from employment to news, politics to relationships (romantic and otherwise), to sports and travel.

The Team

Disability Horizons was founded by its co-editors, Srin Madipalli and Martyn Sibley who both have a physical impairment called Spinal Muscular Atrophy.


Founder & Co-Editor

Martyn Sibley lives in London and runs his social media consultancy called Sunnier Days. He previously worked as a product development executive at Scope, the UK’s leading disability charity. Martyn graduated from Coventry University with a Masters degree in Marketing and a bachelors Degree in Economics. After university, Martyn briefly lived in his hometown of St.Ives (Cambridgeshire) before moving down to London to take up the role at Scope HQ. Since university Martyn has become an influential voice in the disability sphere through his pioneering use of social media and e-campaigning via his blog, www.martynsibley.com. He aims to inspire, inform and change the world for disabled people.


Srin Madipalli

Founder & Co-Editor

Srin Madipalli lives in London and worked as a lawyer at a leading international commercial law firm in the City of London. He graduated from King’s College, University of London with a first class degree in Biochemistry and received the university’s nomination for best undergraduate in the UK’s Science, Engineering and Technology student awards. Following that, Srin re-qualified as a lawyer and advised some of the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions. After four years in practice, Srin left the law to commence an MBA at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School with a focus on entrepreneurship.

When he is not being a corporate lawyer or an aspiring entrepreneur, Srin loves to travel and experience adventures of a more extreme kind in their wheelchair accessible form! Some past adventures have included scuba diving, flying a plane, wheelchair trekking through mountains and a camping safari in Africa. In the second half of 2010, he took some time out from work to go travelling around the world for four months and consequently takes a keen personal interest in trying to encourage disabled people to travel more.

If you would like to get in touch with Srin or Martyn, please email them at editor@disabilityhorizons.com.




Filipe Roldao graduated from University of Minho (Portugal) in 2002 with a degree in International Relations. Since then he has extended his knowledge to other domains… having ended up working as Personal Care Assistant here in the UK.

In a nutshell, Filipe describes himself as a traveler and a wannabe DJ, who likes to walk and cycle…

One of his dreams is to do a trip around the world, preferably on a motorbike. Crossing borders shouldn’t be a problem because, as he puts it: “I look like Prince William (aka Duke of Cambridge)… when we are both wearing a helmet!”

He enjoys meeting people from all kinds of horizons. Adventure comes naturally along with traveling and is always welcome. Most of the times he prefers to explore places “by himself”… to follow his own path…

More about him on www.filiperoldao.co.uk.



Content Editor

Elizabeth Ransome joined Disability Horizons to help expand the magazine and its reach to people with disabilities.

Liz is a journalist living in London, and has always been passionate about promoting a positive view of disability, thanks to the inspiring attitude of her brother, who had cerebral palsy.


Nichola Daunton

Deputy Content Editor

Nichola Daunton is a freelance writer, part-time playwright and super-fast walker. She can mostly be found writing at the kitchen table, or hanging out in the local library with its dodgy wi-fi and large collection of sleepy old men.

When she’s not writing, she’s either exploring London on foot (aka, getting lost in places she should know better) or hanging out with her two fluffy and semi-wild rabbits, Butch and Claude.

Nichola blogs about her London wanderings and occasionally writes theatre reviews for a variety of websites. She also has a pretty serious clementine addiction, so make sure to hide your fruit bowl.


Zubee Kibria

Marketing and Research Manager

Zubee Kibria is living in London with her family. She’s had a varied career working and volunteering for a number of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector. She started working in the hospitality industry and then moved onto a number of different charities and then her local council. She studied Leisure and Tourism at Ealing, Hammersmith and West College for a year, and in 2011 she successfully completed an NVQ, Apprenticeship qualification in Business and Administration at Level 2.

The highlight of her career was when she got the opportunity to organise the first ever inclusive fashion show using disabled and non-disabled designers and models. She did this show to raise money for the charity she was working for at the time and to raise awareness of disability in the fashion industry. It was covered in British Vogue Magazine and received local, national and international press coverage, which she was not expecting!

In May 2012, she joined Disability Horizons as a volunteer, as she wanted to do something to keep herself busy while looking for work. She has had the opportunity to build on her network of contacts with a number of amazing and talented disabled people, who she is still in touch with today, thanks to DH.



Community & Relationships Manager

Mark Phillips was born with ‘Asymmetric Diplegic Cerebral Palsy’. “Hey it’s kind of sexy when you say it out loud… or maybe that’s just me!” – has he likes to say.

He is the voice (minus the welsh accent) behind the infamous #TwitterTakeover!!

We all agree that he has always had a strange sense of humour, but when it comes down to it, he has always been open and honest about disability.

He completed a Law Degree at Aberystwyth University and then went on to complete his Legal Practice Course. Now when he isn’t tweeting, he’s back home completing his LLM (Masters) in Legal Practice.

Since leaving university he has done a lot of writing and sharing his experiences. He then helped out the Disability Horizons Team during the London 2012 Paralympics. He says: “it all kicked on from there or it’s just that the rest of the Team can’t get rid of me… I’ll let you decide.”

When he’s not Disability-Myth-Busting, he’s diving head first into the crazy world of disability and he’s always on the lookout for something new to tryout.

He is pretty easy going and he’ll talk about anything, so don’t be afraid to give him a shout.


Shona Marsh

Associate Editor

Shona Marsh joined Disability Horizons to help develop relationships in the tourism industry, both with tourist boards and businesses. She has experience working in the tourism industry in the UK in visitor services and marketing, and is passionate about promoting the UK as a destination.

When she’s not writing, editing and making connections, she can be found eating and baking cake and spending as much time by the coast as possible.

You can follow her on Twitter @shona_marsh23.


Tanvi Vyas

Community Administrator

Tanvi Vyas graduated with a Law degree from Brunel University. She lives and works in London for Muscular Dystrophy UK and believes in the ethos of positive attitudes and changing negative perceptions around disability by working with individuals, the Government and commercial organisations.

She enjoys travelling, current affairs and meeting new people.


Chris Cusack

Sales Executive

Chris Cusack Lives in Watford with his beautiful wife, loud and scruffy dog, and his effeminate soap addicted fish. After finding the construction industry and accountancy in general mind numbingly boring, he retrained as a psychologist. He graduated with 1st class honours in 2013 only to discover the extent of his genius wholly unnoticed, so resolved himself to change that unsatisfactory situation.

Chris was initially recruited to Disability Horizons to help with sales but the organisation also found his presence actually increased their overall coolness significantly! Chris was quoted as saying “I almost never got away with working in my underpants at my old job”

Chris’s interests include base jumping and spelunking, when he’s not competing in amateur cage fighting under his pseudonym “Rolling Fury”. Contact Chris at chris@disabilityhorizons.com